fibre broadband


  • Broadband 8x faster than UK average1
  • The whole family or office online with no drop in speed
  • Being the envy of your gaming friends with no ‘lag time’
  • Video call with friends or colleagues around the world
  • Downloading a HD movie in minutes.

The broadband world is changing, and fast. The internet now plays a huge part in the way we live, work and play.

From downloading the latest film, gaming in virtual worlds of war, and catching up with Corrie to video conferencing and cloud computing...and your needs are only going to get bigger.

KC Lightstream

What you get with KC Lightstream

  • Lightning fast download speeds of 100Mbps.
  • More users online at the same time without any slow down
  • Enjoy a more reliable and stable connection

Lightstream for the home

Our home bundles are 8 times faster and just £5 p/m more than our standard broadband bundles

Lightstream for students

We have the perfect package for students. Unlimited 100Mbps Lightstream with free UK calls, 6 month contract.

Lightstream for business

Work at the speed of light - work online much faster and be more productive.

Lightstream in a nutshell

There are two types of KC Lightstream services available:

Fibre To The Home

Fibre to the Premise

Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) carries the fibre all the way into your property with breathtaking speeds of up to 100Mbps giving you a more reliable and more stable connection.

Fibre To The Cabinet

Fibre To The Cabinet

Fibre To The Cabinet (also known as VDSL or Fibre To The Kerb), uses fibre optic cable laid as close to your home as possible, with your existing copper cable completing the connection. This gives you lightning-fast speeds of up to 80Mbps.

The type of fibre service we can provide depends on where you live. You can check what speed you get at the top of this page.

Terms and Conditions
1 100Mbps available on KC Lightstream Home Unlimited bundle and is 8.7 times faster than Karoo ADSL2+ average maximum speed of 11.5Mbps quoted in Ofcom report Aug 2013.
2 All offers are subject to availability and available for a limited time only. KC reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time without prior notice. Delivery fee may apply on wireless router in some cases.
3 Compared with our standard KC Home bundle (at £30.99 p/m and 35GB monthly data allowance) or KC Home Xtra bundle (at £39.99 p/m and 350GB monthly data allowance).
4 Price subject to 18-month minimum term contract, payment by Direct Debit and online billing. Add £1 to monthly price for other payment types and 50p for paper billing. Additional usage fees will apply if you go over your monthly allowance.
5 Compared with BT Infinity fibre broadband speeds of ‘up to 38Mbps’.
6 0845/0870, 197 local directory enquiry calls and 118288 national directory enquiry calls subject to our fair usage policy.
All information correct as of 25/04/13. E&OE
7 Typical UK mobile broadband speeds of 1.5Mbps as quoted by Ofcom May 2011.